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When it comes time to contact a Moreno Valley insulation company, will you know who to call? Don't worry most locals don't have the answer to this, until they ask around and hear the name My Insulation Guy, time and time again.

We have more than three decades worth of hands-on expertise in this industry and believe in going above and beyond to take care of our clients. Your insulating material is much more important for your Moreno Valley home than you realize and we want to help you comprehend this fact.

Installation & Removal

Everyone thinks about installation when it comes to insulation, but what about removing it? There are plenty of instances when just adding insulating material is not enough, the old must first be removed.

  • Insulation removal is important if the original material has been compromised. Most commonly, this is the result of water damage. Moisture intrusion in your Moreno Valley home can easily lead to mildew, mold and even rot. The only way to deal with damp insulation is to remove it, let the area dry and then replace the space with new insulating material.
  • Other things can compromise the quality of your insulation, including pests like rats, roaches or other critters. You really do not want to keep material in your home that has been defecated on by rodents. This can linger and impact the quality of the air you and your family is breathing.

An industry expert can determine the current condition of your insulation and determine if supplemental material is enough or if you should have it removed and start fresh. Call us to get this type of advice for your Moreno Valley household.

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