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What You Are Missing Out On Without Radiant Barrier

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Local homeowners here in San Bernadino know the importance of having sufficient insulation in place, in order to keep their home more energy-efficient. However, few realize just how big an impact radiant barrier can have, as well.

A radiant barrier is not intended to be used in place of insulating material, it is the ideal addition to it to create the perfect temperature-controlling system. Become a wise homeowner and a savvy consumer by learning more about how this can work to your advantage.

Enhancement of Your Home's Efficiency

So you have the basics of what insulation does and just need to know what radiant barrier is. Or, maybe, you realize you don't even really know what it is that insulation does. Either way, here is a brief crash source for both.

  • When you hire an insulation company to install, enhance or replace the insulating material, this is a material used to help absorb heat. In the summer it helps keep your household cooler and in the winter it helps to warm it up. Radiant barrier, however, reflects heat so that it is less likely to even reach your home's interior.
  • The benefits of both are that your home has the opportunity to be more energy-efficient. That means you can expect lower energy costs as well as a household that is more Eco-friendly.
  • In order to be effective, radiant barriers require ¾ of an inch of air space. Without this, it cannot properly do its job. Insulation is the opposite, it literally has to fill empty space in order to do its job.

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